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In-House Transcription Services

Overloaded? Let us transcribe and type those files!

digital audio transcription

Outsourcing your work to us is more efficient and saves you money. You can meet your deadlines without compromising quality. You will also be freed up from managing staff, so you can spend more time generating new business.

We will turn your audio recordings into typed, formatted and
proof-read documents

At Adept, we specialise in the transcription of standard, mini or micro-sized tapes and digital recordings.

  • We do not require contracts or minimum volumes
  • We can use your templates
  • We can do urgent work
  • Confidentiality guaranteed

We are experts at transcribing court hearings, Resource Management Act hearings, government hearing applications, confidential interviews, legal, medical consultation reports, general correspondence, assignments, theses, research papers, valuation reports, specifications, spreadsheet and powerpoint presentations, business plans and interviews. We also do proof reading and editing, data entry, graphs, scanning and inserting images, photocopying, binding and laminating.

Short notice? No problem!

We have a pool of 20+ experienced typists so when you use Adept you can be sure we have the capacity to handle your job at short notice. Any pertinent information regarding the tapes should be included with your instructions. All work is performed on site in our secure Christchurch office.


Much of our work is highly sensitive. Since we were established in 1988 we have never breached our clients' confidentiality.

We transcribe all types of files:

  • Sony or Lanier courtroom recorders.
  • CDs, DVDs, VHS tapes.
  • Standard, micro and mini audio cassettes.
  • Digital voice recorders (Olympus, Philips, MP3 recorders).
  • Various styles of LANIER equipment
  • Handwritten or printed documents.
  • Web based multimedia content.
  • We support 99% of all popular audio formats (i.e. DS2, DCT, DSS, MP3, WMA, WAV, FLM, etc.) If we do not have it we can probably convert it.

Digital audio can be sent directly from your Olympus digital recording devices, or any other device or software that supports file transfer using SFTP, FTPS, FTP or VPN. They can be effortlessly configured to automatically send digital content directly to servers for processing by our experienced operators.

We work closely with clients to keep transcription costs down. We charge by the hour or per project, so the clearer the recording, the less time it takes.

The transcribed document is provided to you in a Microsoft Word format. Spelling corrections, minor alterations, and minor document reformatting are made at no additional charge.